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Off-Season Training Is NOT What You What You Should Be Doing During The Season. This ONE-TIME Offer Is For Goalies Who Want To Gain Momentum Throughout The Season And Lead Their Team To The Championship Final!

You cannot continue to train like you do in the off-season and expect to be at your best when play-offs roll around. In fact, if you try to do that you will slide into play-offs beaten up and broken down.

Your job in the off-season is to increase your work capacity, your flexibility, your stability, your speed and your stamina.

During the off-season there will be times when you are fatigued to the point of exhaustion.

Who cares.

But during the season, your job is stopping pucks. Everything you do should enhance your ability to do that without adding extra wear and tear.

You don't see a Formula One driver taking his race car to pick up some groceries or drop the kids off at school do you? No you don't.

So I shouldn't see you beating your self up in the gym working on useless exercises that will only wear you down as the season progresses. Here is your In-Season Solution...

The In-Season Solution For Goalies
With the IN-SEASON SOLUTION FOR GOALIES I show you exactly how to:
Minimize your time in the gym for maximum results, so you can play your best and still have a life.
Develop the speed you need in the crease, so you are more patient, and making fewer desperation saves.
Gain flexibility in your hips while building stability, so you can move better with fewer injuries.
Did you know that 98% of the goalies I train come back to me at the end of the season weaker, slower, and stiffer than they were when they went to camp?
They actually lose their edge as the season progresses.
Let's NOT let that be you this season.


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No thanks Maria - I am willing to risk my season and my team's success come play-offs.  I fully understand that I will not see this generous offer again.  If I change my mind I can still buy the In-Season Solution For Goalies, but I will pay the full price of $97 just like everyone else.

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